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Indium Application- Aluminum Alloy Sacrificial Anodes


There are three types sacrificial anode materials to use at present, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, they are used for different properties and applications, but Al-Zn-In aluminum alloy sacrificial anode is widely used in different applications, as it provides more protection and lasts longer than zinc, it will continue to work in fresh water and also it is safe to use in salt water.

In the aluminum alloy sacrificial anode, the different content of alloy elements will cause a certain influence on the performance of the sacrificial anode. The research shows that the content of Indium element has the greatest influence on the electrochemical performance of the anode.

Highsion Technology provides high purity indium metal for aluminum alloy sacrificial anodes. Please check more information about indium metal.

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