Tellurium Dioxide Powder (Te02)

Tellurium dioxide is white powder, which is insoluble in water and acids, Tellurium Oxide powder  is an inorganic compound, it is mainly used to prepare the single crystal tellurium dioxide, and also tellurium dioxide powder can be used for optical device, front silver paste for solar cells, electroplating chemical additive, Glass colorant.


Chemical Formula

Tellurium oxide powder CAS nO 7446-07-3

Chemical Name

TeO2 EINECS No: 231-193-1

Molecular Weight

159.6 Density  5.67 g/cm3


52 Crystal Structure α 


99.99%-99.999% Particle Size D50 1-10um

Melting Point

733°C MOQ


Boiling Point

1260°C Packing 

Vacuum packing, 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel, or as your request.

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